Have you ever been subjected to bad commercials on TV. Local cable puts out some of the worst comercials. Watch this one and let us know if this is bad, really bad, or the worst commercial ever! Dentist, local restaurants, and clothing stores have made some bad homeade commericals, if you have an idea for a bad commercial leave us a comment. Professional Wrestler Colt Cabana teams up with Libertyvile Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz to create a spoof of the BEST Dentist Commerical EVER!!! Colt Cabana hosts a top sports podcast: Art of Wrestling, Support his career at http://welovecolt.com Dr. Weisz’s is not always this unanimated and beyond being fun at the office he takes great care to build trust and healthy smiles for life. Dr. Weisz practices in Libertyville IL with his father at http://libertyvilledental.com Dr. Sam Weisz hopes to make taking care of your teeth, oral health, and overall body a fun and motivating experience.

If you have any questions about your mouth or even a great idea for a video at the dentist please share.