Afraid of the Dentist?

You are not alone…

We do not just work at a dental office, we are also dental patients. As both patients and dental professionals, we understand that everyone has at least some fear associated with going to the dentist. In fact over 60% of the population experiences some form of anxiety associated with the dentist. So, you are not alone. Our number one goal is to have you, the patient, feel comfortable at the office. With this in mind we created a short ebook to help you understand some of the instruments we use to take the edge out of the dental visit. We hope this guide can be used as a reference of questions to ask when looking for a dentist in your area and a guide for what to expect when you experience your visit to the dentist at Libertyville Dental Associates. Ebook cover/ opt in download Attention to detail in our dental office is for the purpose of keeping our patients comfortable.  While you can read the details in our book let’s look at the top 5 important techniques and advances that have helped our patients finally get comfortable in the dental office.
When I sat in Dr. Weisz chair for the first time, I had a panic attack – not because he was scary, but just because that’s how adverse I felt to the dentist. Dr. Weisz took the time to calm me down and really explain what was going on with my mouth (as my fear had created neglect). He was sensitive to my dental stressors. I have been to dentists before where I’ve received a lecture and felt judged. Dr. Weisz expressed concern, but understanding, and approached my dental work kindly, with a good sense of humor, and the utmost professionalism. There is never a question too silly or ridiculous to him and I feel like I am able to sincerely talk to him about my dental questions. Since I’ve started seeing Dr. Weisz, I no longer have panic attacks…
Larry S.

Top 5 Techniques and Advances to Calm Your Fears:

1. Creating a judgement free zone

Much of our fear stems from embarassment. Rest assured we see patients every day that have put off dental treatment for years and years. Our job is to create an environment where you can feel comfortable to share and we can first learn your goals. Whether they be getting out of pain or rehabilitating your smile and mouth to eat the foods you love without pain.

2. Sedation Dentistry

Many of our doctors have had advanced hospital residencies. With anesthesia rotation experience we are able to use oral sedation methods to help get you relaxed in the dental office.

3. Local Anesthetics

We use the latest formulations of anesthetics. This means that we can get you numb. Rest assured we know what it feels like to be in the chair and will do our best to make it a painless experience.

4. Teamwork

Our team is here for one reason. To help make your experience positive and comforting. Stepping into our patients shoes we decided to look beyond dentistry for help in reducing anxiety for our patients. Together we have completed unique coursework on the SEED method. This involved meditative breathing and visualization techniques described more in our ebook.

5. Comfort

Studies have shown that aromatherapy can alter your mood. We use spa type creature comforts to help remove your thoughts from the dental office. Pillows, music, sounds, and smells all play a role in our past dental fears.


Please feel free to call us. We are happy to meet one on one with our doctors to get a feel for the office. Have a tour of the office or have us look at a specific problem area.

We hope to remove your anxieties and replace them with happy thoughts of big healthy smiles.


The Libertyville Dental Team

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