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How Difficult Is It to Keep your Child's Teeth Healthy?

The Answer May Surprise You...

5 Keys to your child’s success at the dentist.


Do you worry that your child will have a bad experience at the dentist, or worse yet be terrified to step foot in the room?

Well I am here to tell you that at a modern dental office all your fears can be wiped away. Below we will talk about the 5 keys to your child’s success at the dentist.

We have the answer to raising happy healthy little (and big) dental patients.

Over the next 5 minutes we will explore why your child will never know dental fear.

Sam Weisz Sugar Bugs

Dr. Sam Weisz practices family dentistry in Libertyville, IL. As a dentist, writer, and dad, his goal is to inspire a healthly, cavity free lifestyle. Dr. Sam provides a safe and fun place for all patients through friendshi and humor. Connect with Dr. Sam Weisz at his office or through


Early Prevention Is Key…

Is your pediatrician telling you to wait to see the dentist? It is now recommended by the american academy of pediatrics that we see your child before their first birthday. I know, I know, your pediatrician said just get them to a dentist by age 3. Well if that is the information they are giving you, they are old school and unfortunately misinformed. Back when we used to bring our kids to the dentist at around age 3, there was a thing called dental fear but kids don’t have those fears anymore.

Why, you ask?

Because they see the dentist earlier! Most of our little patients come to see us before they are a year old!

Just like at your doctor they are able to have quick easy visits, where we can do an easy developmental check. We can make sure that we get fluoride on your child’s teeth to protect them from cavities. But most importantly you can set them up with a dental home. This allows them to get comfortable at our office so as they grow it feels like a friendly place to be.


Remove the Fear from Their Future Dental Experience…

Now I want you to pretend with your child that when they go to the dentist it is like going to play at the park. The biggest mistake I see parents make is to insinuate that the dentist is a place you go to be scared. Have you ever said now don’t worry the park is NOT SCARY or “it’s going to be okay, I promise the park is nice.” No, we would never do that. So, now you know the dirty secret, even the most well intentioned parent can slip, say the wrong thing, and start the cycle of fear. We are all well intentioned parents, and as my wife often points out even with my great intentions I sometimes parent by saying the wrong thing.

Try using positive words with your child. The best verbiage that you can use is “we are going to play at the dentist” or:

“I’m SO excited that you are going to get meet Doctor Sam. He is a dentist and he is going to look at your teeth today. He is going to count your teeth… Lets practice, show me how you open your mouth. He is going to look at your smile. Can you show me your beautiful smile? You are also going to get to show Dr. Sam how well you brush your teeth!”

You should reinforce the connections that your child already makes at home with their mouth and their visit will be a huge success.


Establish a Routine

What is the one thing you hate doing before bedtime? If you’re like most parents, it is fighting to wash hands and brush teeth. We just have to remember and encourage ourselves that a big part of raising a healthy child is to have a healthy mouth.

Routine is the key to creating healthy behaviors. We all rush to clean our child’s hands before they put them in their mouth. We need to take this same approach to cleaning their teeth after sugars and snacks. Morning and night brushing is key to your child’s positive dental visits. Here’s secret number three: A child that never gets a cavity knows the the dentist as a place to get their teeth brushed and checked. That is about as easy for you and your child as going to grocery store (not that it is always easy at the store)

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Is the dental office really as fun as the park?

Well, if you are going to help us sell that comparison to your child we had better both back it up!

Be careful here, because I’ve learned that creating a grand prize and incentive system WILL backfire. Is your kid smart? Because they will know a hard sell of a toy at the toystore or other incentive is a dirty deal and something bad is about to go down. Instead don’t tell your child anything and let us wow them with stickers, cheap toys, and their dentist’s very own children’s book.

I took my daughter to gymnastics and realized these kids were clamoring for a elmo hand stamp like it was free cupcakes at the bakery.

Point is, kids will love the memory of getting a sticker and stamp and their teeth brushed in a cool different chair that goes up and down on command.

I’m Giving Away My Children’s Book to You

Lucky for you I wrote a children’s book. Yes, “Sugar bugs” is used and recommended by pediatric dentists across the country! Why are you lucky? Besides the fact that you live so close to an expert dentist and author. It is because I’m giving away the book if you are living in Lake County Illinois. No catch, I want you to see my likeness in the book and just think of me and my office Libertyville Dental Associates if you are in need of a dentist for your children, yourself, or a friend.

The best part is that the “Sugar Bugs” book uses all the positive language and the other tricks you just learned about, to help self motivate your young brushers into taking care of their teeth on their own.

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Healthy Foods

It’s worth repeating.

A child that never gets a cavity knows the the dentist as a place to get their teeth brushed and checked. Avoiding cavities is the name of the game. Now don’t worry if your little one does have a cavity, my inner pediatric dentist kicks in and we make the filling feel like movie nights and fresh baked cookies!

We use all the tricks in the book from t.v., mister thirsty, and the water whistler to make a pleasant experience out of cavities. That being said everyone wants quick easy visits at the dentist. Who do you think has the easiest visits at the dentist? Yes the families that follow the lessons from my book “Sugar Bugs” are much more likely to have kids that are cavity free.

Cavity Free = Loving the dentist office.

And that equals happy parents that don’t have to negotiate with their child about one more thing. So rule of thumb, if it is sticky, it is bad. Yes that includes raisins. If it is high in sugar it is bad. Yes milk is high in sugar and should not sit on your baby’s teeth. I recommend washing everything down with water and especially only water after teeth are brushed at night.


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Been going here since a child and continue to come here even though I live in the city. Friendly, professional and always make me feel comfortable and welcome.

Matthew W.

I found Libertyville Dental Associates and Dr. Sam via a recommendation from a friend. Great practice and really nice people. Normally, it’s routine visits for me; but recently I had to have my wisdom teeth out. I was in and out in 35 minutes, didn’t have to be “put under” and my recovery was great!

Jenna D.

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