It’s April and that means National Facial Awareness Day. This important day is celebrated by parents and guardians giving you the chance to become aware of the equipment needed to protect the head and the face.

Most people know how important it is to put on a helmet, but some may not realize how vital mouth guards are as well. Libertyville Dental Associates understands the importance and is here to help.

It’s a Beautiful Day for Fun

During the spring and summer months the sun shines longer giving you and your family more time to enjoy recreational activities.

While those activities might not always require mouth protection some that you wouldn’t think so do. Skateboarders, mountain bike riders and volleyball players would all see fewer mishaps had a mouth guard been included in the picture.

Libertyville Dental Associates invites you and your family to schedule appointments for custom made mouth guards.

Mouth protection keeps you and your teeth and gums safe from unexpected accidents that you don’t see coming.

Think of it this way, if you are playing a friendly game of badminton the last thing you expect is for your partner to miss and accidently hit you in the face.

If that occurs, your teeth and gums could be damaged or worse yet, you could lose a tooth.

See Your Dentist for Protection

The best way to avoid damage to your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and other parts of your mouth is to wear a custom made mouth protector.

The team from Libertyville Dental Associates works hard to provide you with the best protection when it comes to custom made mouth guards. Gone are the days when you will have to put up with a one size fits all uncomfortable mouth piece because you couldn’t find what you needed.

While custom made mouth guards are simply the best, there are a couple of other options that do offer some limited protection.

Standard mouth guards come packaged from your local sporting goods store. These hard thick plastic guards are made to fit anyone and aren’t very comfortable.

Boil and Bite protector’s work by the user boiling in water before biting down. A better bet than standard, but still not as good as custom.

The team from Libertyville Dental Associates can’t stress the importance of protecting your face and your oral cavity. Call or send a direct message and have a chat or better yet, schedule appointments for your family.

Mouth protection is waiting schedule your appointments today.