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Pediatric Patients are our favorite!

Our favorite part of the day is seeing the smiles on the faces of our pediatric patients. So much so that Dr. Sam has written the book on making your first experience positive and exciting! Times have changed at the dentist. With the help of your Libertyville Dental Associates team, your child will think coming to visit the dentist is better that playing outside at the pool.

Dr. Sam and his staff are fantastic! They take so much time and care with all of their patients–adults and children alike. They were particularly wonderful with my 5-year-old son…helping him to understand the importance of brushing to get rid of “sugar bugs” in a fun, non-threatening way. I highly recommend Libertyville Dental!
Maggie B.

They were phenomenal with my twin 2 year-olds! The kids left having a very positive first dentist experience. Very impressive.
Jaime R.

The american academy of pediatric dentistry now recommends we start seeing your little ones at the dentist for an exam by their first birthday. This important change was made from research done on prevention of early childhood cavities. Visits at this age get our pediatric patients comfortable in the office, and learning the important early healthy habits.


Get a copy of the Children’s Book Sugar Bugs

We are excited to get your child a free autographed copy of “Sugar Bugs” at their first visit. Dr. Sam was recognized in the pediatric dental community with an invite to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry annual session by Baby Buddy for an author event and signing. Your children may have met him at one of his author readings in the Libertyville District 70, Gurnee district 56, and chicago area schools.

It is important to remember the words you choose prior to and after your child’s check-up, play an important role in the long term health of their teeth. Any conversation about the dental visit should be framed with positive words.

They get to ride in a big special comfy chair. They learn about mister thirsty our special suction. They get tooth vitamins, stickers, and a fun goodie bag with prizes.

Because of the advances in dentistry kids today think our office is just a fun place to go visit. We want to make sure they are not exposed to negative words like nervous, scared, hurt, and shots which play into the negative fears and should not be a part of their dental vocabulary.

Feel free to call us to pick up a book prior to your little ones appointment, which will help them get acclimated. Our goal is to have fun, comfortable visits and to motivate your child to make brushing an easy priority. The whole dental team is trained to make our pediatric patients experience enjoyable.

The research is clear that children with good oral hygiene habits have far few cavities and grow into adults that enjoy easy healthy check ups at the dentist. Treat going to the dentist like going to the park, and we promise healthier teeth, less visits, and a smaller financial burden at your check ups.

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