If you have been thinking about removing your fillings and starting from scratch, call or send a direct message and talk to Libertyville Dental Associates and an old dental restorations checkup.

Old dental restorations could be covering up a multitude of problems including additional decay. Furthermore, your 10 year old silver amalgam fillings could be leaking.

Why Old Dental Restorations Matter

Your Libertyville Dental Associates explain that old dental restorations, especially silver amalgam ones expand and extract over time.

When this happens the filling will eventually leak. This also happens if the filling is chipped or cracked.

Any time you expose metal to your mouth because of breaks or leaks you are leaving yourself susceptible to mercury poisoning.

The American Dental Association as always said that silver amalgam fillings were safe, but they have never talked about the dangers of broken old dental restorations.  

The team from Libertyville Dental Associates has the experience and knowledge to remove your old restorations replacing with something that is healthier for your mouth and your body.  

No More Metal in Libertyville

Libertyville Dental Associates believes in metal free dentistry. So much so that is all they practice.

Because people can’t tolerate certain metals, the team chooses metal free dentistry for all of its procedures.

When you become a patient of Libertyville Dental Associates you can be assured of a metal free experience every time you sit in the dentist’s chair. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with broken or leaky silver amalgam fillings or old dental restorations.

The team chooses biocompatible dental materials that are perfectly matched to the rest of the tooth as well.

Libertyville Dental Associates only uses porcelain and biocompatible tooth products. This means you won’t have to deal with a silver line that comes with conventional porcelain to metal crowns.

In addition, dental veneers are custom made using thin layers of porcelain that enables them to mimic light just like natural teeth do.

Metal Free Dentistry

If you have metal crowns and fillings you have probably experienced that metal taste in your mouth from time to time.

If you have it is even more crucial that you see your Libertyville Dentist to take care of your old dental restorations. If you don’t you run the risk of an allergic reaction or worse yet, mercury poisoning.

Libertyville Dental Associates

If you would like to learn more about metal free dentistry and old dental restorations, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with a doctor from Libertyville Dental Associates today.