Old dental restorations, even if they look okay and don’t cause pain, could still be hiding additional decay. While you won’t get a cavity in the filling itself, dental caries will develop around and under old silver amalgam fillings.

Checking restorations once a year prevents additional damage to healthy parts of the tooth.

What Happens to Old Dental Restorations

Old dental restorations, especially old silver amalgam fillings are susceptible to leakage caused by cracks. Because amalgam contracts and expands over the years, silver fillings will leak allowing food debris, bacteria, and acid to enter the tooth.

It’s also important to note that old fillings at the backs of teeth and on the molars suffer from years of chewing. Grinding affects old restorations as well.

Old Restorations Check

Because you can’t see additional damage under or around a filling in a normal x-ray, the team from Libertyville Dental Associates will use special techniques and technology to find decay. If something shows up, the filling will probably be removed and replaced by a porcelain dental crown, especially if it was a large filling.

Dental implants and bridges are also checked during a restoration checkup. While both of these procedures last for decades they do need to be examined every so often for wear and tear.

Libertyville Dental Associates is the only practice to consider if you haven’t had your restorations checked lately.

Metal Free Dentistry from Libertyville Dental Associates

The team from Libertyville Dental Associates practices metal free dentistry including porcelain crowns and tooth colored biocompatible dental resin fillings. Because silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, leaky fillings could cause overall health problems.

All ceramic crowns are a remarkable solution to all metal or metal to porcelain dental crowns. Libertyville Dental Associates uses layers of porcelain for dental crowns that look as realistic as your natural teeth.

A strong and durable dental material, porcelain will not erode your gum line as metal-based crowns do. Metal free crowns are stronger and look just as beautiful as your natural smile.

Check your Restorations and Improve Overall Health

Research indicates a direct connection between oral and overall health. Gum disease is connected to heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Regular restoration checkups prevent serious health conditions and also keep you healthier if suffering from a systemic disease.

Because part of the tooth may be dead pain won’t be an issue. That’s why it is vital that you schedule regular dental checkups for restorations. Book online or call and schedule an appointment with Libertyville Dental Associates today.