Taking care of teeth and gums is important year round, but especially during National Facial Protection Month.

This special event is recognized by several organizations including the American Dental Association, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Academy for Sports Dentistry and the American Association of Orthodontists.

Protecting More Than Your Head

Striving to make people aware of facial protection during sports, Libertyville Dental Associates agrees and cannot stress the importance of not only head protection, but mouth protection as well.

Did you know that well over 200,000 oral and mouth injuries are prevented each year because of mouth protectors? In fact, the National Youth Sports Foundation explains that tooth damage is sixty times more risky in people who don’t wear mouthguards whether they are playing amateur or professional sports.

Along with a certified helmet for contact and individual sports, mouthguards are essential. Protecting your face and mouth from blows to the head or an out of control baseball bat is much easier if you are wearing a mouth protector.

Types of Mouth Guards

Libertyville Dental Associates explains that there are three types of mouth protectors for amateur and professional athletes. These include stock or standard, boil and bite and custom made.

Stock Mouthguards

These types of mouthguards come in one size and fit over your top teeth. Because they are made from heavy plastic, they are uncomfortable and quite bulky. People who wear stock mouth protectors often leave them at home, because they can’t talk or even breathe when they wear them.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

These types of mouth protector’s work after you boil and bite down on them for an individualized fit. Although they are a better fit for your teeth, they will not do the same job as custom-made mouthguards from Libertyville Dental Associates. Athletes say they are more comfortable than stock mouth guards are, but are still cumbersome.

Custom Made Mouthguards

When it comes to the best in mouthguards, you can’t go past custom-made ones. Molded from an impression of your upper teeth, custom-made mouth protectors seal against your teeth for a perfect fit. Because they are made from dental grade thin plastic, you won’t even know you are wearing one.

Libertyville Dental Associates for Mouthguards

If you would like to learn more about mouth protectors, or would like to schedule appointments online for you and your entire family for custom made mouthguards, call, text or send a DM today.