Living on the edge where oral health is concerned isn’t a good idea.

Firstly, if your gums are bleeding they aren’t going to get better. Secondly, if you have a cracked amalgam filling it isn’t going to fix itself. Both are signs of poor oral health.

For example, broken and chipped fillings get worse. Furthermore, silver amalgam fillings contain mercury. When released through a broken filling mercury is toxic. That is why it is imperative that you have your fillings and restorations checked out by Libertyville Dental Associates.

Oral Health Problems Won’t Repair Themselves

People who just leave things until they are unbearable aren’t doing themselves any favors. In fact, leaving a small cavity alone will make the hole bigger.

Until the decay is sealed, food and bacteria will continue to thrive making things worse. Sadly, untreated cavities might require root canal therapy and a dental crown to strengthen the tooth.

Had you taken care of the issue when you first noticed the pain you probably would have only had one dental appointment for a single small dental filling. While root canal therapy can be completed in a single dental appointment you will have to wait until your crown is custom made taking an additional dental appointment and more precious time.

All of these extra steps would be nonexistent had you called Libertyville Dental Associates.

Dental Checkups for a Multitude of Issues

Dental checkups do more than detect tooth decay and gum disease. Your Libertyville Dental Associates team explains that dentists are often the first to detect any oral abnormalities.

Unfortunately some oral cancer signs go unnoticed and are only discovered by your dentist. Sadly for some it could be too late.

Dentists look for patches, sores that won’t go away and red or white patches. If you notice anything like that or anything that doesn’t seem right be sure and tell your dentist from Libertyville Dental Associates. An oral cancer screening during a comprehensive dental checkup will help keep you and your body healthy.

Other Issues that Might Be Discovered

During a dental checkup your dentist also checks your bite and the way your jaw fits together. People who are perpetual tooth grinders and people who have suffered a blog to the head may have problems with their TMJ.

Your TMJ is what connects your lower to your upper jaw. If there is a problem with it you’ll hear a popping or clicking sound when you open and close your mouth. You will also have problems when you chew and open and close your mouth.

Dental Checkups for a Healthier Mouth and Body

If you haven’t seen your dentist for some time, call or send a direct message and schedule a dental appointment with Libertyville Dental Associates today.