If you are anxious about the dentist you are not alone. According to Libertyville Dental Associates billions of people all over the world have some form of dental fear. From mild to downright paranoid, dental anxiety is a serious problem.

One of the worst things about dental anxiety is that it only makes things worse. People who are afraid to visit because of a small toothache will be in for a surprise when it turns into a huge cavity requiring a filling and a dental crown.

Why Things Get Worse

Just like anything, if you don’t repair it, it will only get worse. A broken leg always needs to be taken care of by a doctor while a cavity needs to be taken care of just as fast.

Because decay invades the tooth, the sooner you get to the issue the better. If you have dental anxiety you’ll need at least one dental appointment to take care of the matter. If it is too bad you’ll need another dental visit for your dental crown.

Libertyville Dental Sedation

Dental sedation makes things easy when it comes to dental visits. You can opt to take a pill the night before and/or the day of your dental visit with Libertyville Dental Associates, or you can choose to have laughing gas during your procedure. Whatever you decide you will have no memory of your dental appointment.

Why People Have Dental Anxiety

While there isn’t one single reason people suffer from dental anxiety, many say it is because of past experiences in the dental chair.

Others say it is because of memories shared by family members. Some who suffer from dental anxiety don’t like anyone close to their face. Whatever the reason dental anxiety is real for those who deal with it.

Dental Anxiety and it’s Problems

As previously mentioned dental anxiety makes things worse when it comes to teeth and gums, but it also makes things worse for overall health.

If you follow the Libertyville Dental Blog you’ll know that there is a true connection between oral and overall health. Most experts believe the connection is gum disease.

Dental fear prevents regular dental checkups. Regular dental checkups prevent gum disease. When properly diagnosed, gum disease is curable.

Dental Sedation

If you would like to learn more about dental sedation with Libertyville Dental Associates, call or send a text. A team member would be happy to share everything there is to know about dental anxiety and dental sedation.

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